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  About small molecules  
  In recent times, a range of small molecules have been discovered which can promote or inhibit the function of either signaling components or transcription factors which modulates autophagy. Generally, the "target" is the naturally existing cellular or molecular structure involved in the pathology of interest that the drug-in-development is destined to act on. Over the years, there have been small molecule information resources available like drug bank, KEGG DRUG Database, ONRLDB (Orphan nuclear receptor ligand database) which holds the small molecules or drugs information and their comprehensive targets. Autophagy has emerged as an important arm in various pathological conditions. In some cases it is excess autophagy which leads to disease condition and in other cases autophagy impairment leads to havoc. Autophagy is reported to play protective role in different neurodegenerative diseases because of its ability to clear aggregate prone mutant proteins which are associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Autophagy also plays crucial role in liver diseases, myodegenerative diseases, cardiac diseases, cancer and also in infections. A network of proteins takes part in autophagic processes and they are modulated by a number of small molecules. The databases that are reported in literature about autophagy are AutophagyDB, autophagy regulatory network and HADb (Human autophagy database). These databases mainly include information regarding genes, proteins, miRNAs and interaction regulatory networks which modulate autophagy only. However, there is no database available for small molecules and their cognate protein targets that modulate autophagy. As the therapeutic importance of autophagy inducers or inhibitors in human diseases is increasing day by day, there is an urgent need of a database for the same. AutophagySMDB is a first database of its kind where we integrated all the information regarding small molecules targeting major proteins that modulate autophagy from all the direct and indirect evidences.


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